Portable concrete recycling machine for sale price in Canada

Are you ready to revolutionize your construction practices? Discover the game-changing solution that combines sustainability and cost-effectiveness: the portable concrete recycling machine. With the ability to transform waste concrete into reusable materials, this innovative equipment is reshaping the industry. In this article, we will delve into the benefits, features, and price considerations of portable concrete recycling machines, empowering construction professionals to make informed decisions for their projects.

Concrete recycling machine for sale

The mobile concrete crusher is a rock crushing equipment that is convenient for transportation and is widely used in aggregate production, recycling and mining operations.

portable stone crusher

Technical Parameters

ModelMax.feed sizeAdjustment rangeCapacityMain shaft

Benefits of recycling concrete

Waste concrete mainly comes from the demolition and maintenance of old buildings, bridges, and concrete pavements. So the concrete recycling will reduce the environmental impact. Here are some benefits of recycling concrete:

  • Save costs and resources: Compared to sand mining, it utilizes natural resources. By recycling one ton of cement, 1,360 gallons of water and 900 kilograms of carbon dioxide are saved.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of sending waste to landfill.
  • Reduce scrap transportation costs.
  • It helps save space in landfills.
  • It provides job opportunities.

How Portable Concrete Recycling Machines Work?

YG Mobile Crushing Station is equipped with eccentric block vibrating feeder, silo, crusher host and discharge belt conveyor, and electric control cabinet. This machine has tires so it is portable.

  1. Before the portable crusher works, first fix the six legs of the mobile chassis on the ground and lift the tires off the ground.
  2. Then use a forklift or excavator to drop the stone into the silo and enter the crusher evenly by the vibrating feeder.
  3. The stone is being crushed. After repeated crushing in the crushing cavity of the machine to reach the discharge particle size, it flows out from the discharge port under the crusher to the belt conveyor and is loaded into the truck.

The machine can handle various types and sizes of concrete waste, such as granite, limestone, construction waste, slag, etc.

Price of Portable Concrete Recycling Machine

The price depends on the machine size, capacity, features, technology, brand, etc. Higher the capacity, higher the price. But one thing that is clear is this equipment is profitable. If you want to invest a portable concrete recycling machine, feel free to contact our expert to get a free quote.


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