PP Woven Bag Machine | Woven Sack Production Line

The woven bag is one type of plastic bag. Widely application. Mainly used for packaging. Especially for the industry. Generally, its raw material is various chemical plastic raw materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene. The color is usually white or off-white. How are made the PP woven bag? Here, you will find out. Contact us to get the PP Woven Bag Machine for sale price.


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Woven Bag Making Machine

PP Woven bag machines can be divided into many types according to the bag types. Whatever the type is, the production process is common. Below is the Woven Bag Making Machine Production process:

PP/PE material or recycled materials > Drying mixer > Wire drawing machine > Winder > Circular loom > Bag cutting machine > Sewing machine > Printing machine > PP woven bag > Baler

PP Cement/Flour Lime Woven Bag Making Machine

The woven bag production line can produce nonwoven bags of various sizes and shapes, such as nonwoven shopping bags, reticules, flat port bags, clothing bags, shoe bags, and other products packaging bags.

Bag width 350-600mm
Bag length 450-910mm
Bag bottom width 80-180mm
Valve port length 80-200mm
Maximum production speed 100 pcs/min
Maximum unwinding diameter 1200mm
Power supply 380V/3P/50HZ/A.C.
Installed power 85kW
Dimensions (LxWxH) 13000*8500*2500mm


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The Woven Bag Production Line is composed of:

  1. Six Shuttle Circular Loom
  2. Plastic extrusion coating film laminating machine
  3. Cutting And Sewing Machine
  4. Flexographic printing machine
pp woven bag production line
pp woven bag production line


  1. Automatically complete the functions of fixed-length cutting, slitting, and bag collection of blank woven bag rolls;
  2. Adopt touch screen setting, PLC control, servo motor drive precise control system;
  3. After being eagerly cut, the bag is not sticky and easy to open;
  4. Electric winding, pneumatic rectifying device, easy to operate and labor-saving, automatic counting, bags can be stacked and sent to the bag;
  5. The sewing and printing are precise and the operation is smooth.

Actually, the Whole PP Woven Bag Production Line Price: US $ 150000 – 258000 / Set.

PP Woven Bag Production Line
PP Woven Bag Production Line Price | Hot sale

Remark: If you find that this price is out of your budget, you can choose to buy a PP non-woven Cutting And Sewing Machine. The price is about $ 21500. This will save you money. Instead, you need to buy the raw material.

The process is divided into automatic winding – automatic cutting – automatic edge holding – automatic bottom sewing – automatic bag closing.


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Maximum roll diameter 1200mm
Maximum cutting length 1300mm
Maximum cutting width 800mm
Cutting accuracy ±2mm
Folding width 20-30mm
Production capacity 35-45 pieces/min
Total power 5kw
Weight 1200kg
Installation size 6.5*5.5m
Leno Bag Cutting And Sewing Machine
Non woven bag Cutting And Sewing Machine

Leno Bags Making Machine

In fact, a Circular Loom can make pp woven leno bags for vegetables. Such as onion, potato, etc. Mesh bag production line

Material: Polypropylene.

Color: Red, Green, Yellow.

Capacity (kg): Up to 60 kg.

Model YG-4/750
Rotational speed 100-160r.p.m.
Working width, double-flat 300-750mm
Driving main motor and control 2.2kw, inverter control
Warp infeed motor and control 2sets, torque control
Over dimensions (L×W×H) 9000×2400×2730mm
Number of shuttles 4pcs
Machine weight 2000kgs

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Leno bag Circular Loom
Leno bag Circular Loom

HDPE PP Leno Bags Making Machine
HDPE PP Leno Bags Making Machine

That is all. Besides the woven bag making machine, YG Machinery offers also the Wet wipes manufacturing machine, Meltblown Machine, etc. If you want to get more details about the production line, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp or leave your messages below.