Cylindrical threaded sleeve production line

Cylindrical threaded sleeve production line

How are made the cylindrical threaded sleeves? The Cylindrical threaded sleeve production line is composed of a stainless steel pipe cutting machine, a peeling machine for steel bar, a CNC tapping machine, an engraving metal machine and packing machine.

Stainless steel pipe cutting machine

The first step of the Cylindrical threaded sleeve production line is cutting the steel pipes. To do this work, you need a machine called Stainless steel pipe cutting machine.

Technical Parameters

Device nameYG CNC double-head pipe cutting machine
Host dimensions1560X1360X1860
Pipe cutting range24-52
Spindle motor power2.2-6KW
Speed adjustment methodCNC servo control, infinitely adjustable
Cutter feed power750W
System voltage, frequency380V50Hz
Air pressure0.6MPa


  • The equipment is controlled by servo system, with cutting knife servo control and feeding servo control. The servo is matched with a high-precision ball screw to drive the guide rail.
  • The accuracy reaches within 0.05mm.
  • Easy to use, easy maintenance.
  • Long service life, high precision.
steel pipe cutting machine

CNC Bar peeling machine

This machine is fully automatic equipment. The CNC peeling machine for steel bar can not only reduce the labor intensity of operator, but also improve the quality of the steel sleeve.

Technical parameters

ModelYG-32 peeling machine for steel bar
Motor power4.0 KW
Stepping torque12N
Rated current58A
Processing range16#-32#
Processing sleeve diameter40mm-75mm
PLC systemDelta
Air pressure0.36MPa
Overall machine size1570*800*1540
Machine weight620KG

Why you should use the CNC bar peeling machine?

The steel sleeve chamfering machine can continuously complete the loading, clamping, turning, chamfering, and unloading actions, enabling automated production of the steel sleeve chamfering process. Therefore, it is more cost-effective and increases production efficiency, Also, the equipment ensures the consistency of the outer diameter of the sleeve and the cutting pattern.

The processing range of this machine: inner diameter (mm) 16~32, outer diameter (mm) 40~75, length (mm) 35~90.

Fully automatic CNC chamfering machine

The steel sleeve chamfering machine is mainly used for turning and chamfering of fixed length, pipe material and outer circle with outer diameter below Φ60.

Device nameFully automatic double-head chamfering machine
Motor Power1.5KW/2.2KW
Processing length20mm-260mm
voltage380V 50Hz
Machine weight400kg

CNC Tapping Machine Automatic thread tapping machine

Device nameFully automatic CNC double-head tapping machine
Tapping range16-2225-32
Hydraulic station motor power1.5KW1.5KW
Water pump motor power120W120W
Main motor power book4KW5.5KW
Physical dimension1560X860X19601560X860X1960


  • Easy to operate: Workers only need to put the sleeve into the feed chute.
  • High efficiency: each equipment can produce 4,500 workpieces in 8 hours.
  • Save labor, reduce product costs.
  • This machine uses variable frequency motor to reduce power consumption.
  • The fixture is easy to replace. It can produce a variety of similar products.
  • Fully automatic, one person can operate multiple pieces of equipment at the same time.

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Engraving metal machine – Packing machine

This machine has the characteristics of high precision, high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, low failure rate, low noise, stable operation, etc. This machine is widely used in the final finished steel mark printing process of construction sleeve processing.

The typing speed is fast. This machien can type about 10,000 sleeves in a day, which greatly improves the typing speed and efficiency. It is easy to operate. You only need to change the font size mold for each specification of sleeves.

Finished Products – steel pipe threaded sleeves

Is this business profitable?

The threaded sleeves can be widely used in reinforced concrete structural projects in steel bars in various industrial and civil buildings. It is especially suitable for steel bar connections in high-rise buildings, roads, bridges, subways, tunnels, power stations, dams and other buildings and structures with high explosion-proof and earthquake-proof requirements. So there is a big market demand of Straight thread sleeve connectors.

The production line is fully automatic. So the cost of the production is really low.

Therefore, the business of producing stainless steel cylindrical threaded sleeves is profitable.

Are you considering to open a factory of stainless steel cylindrical threaded sleeves? Please contact YG Machinery to get professional help. We will provide you a suitable plan for you.