Differences between sandblasting and shotblasting

Both sandblaster and shot blaster machines can be used to clean and prepare the surface. But which one is better for my project? What are the differences between sandblasting and shotblasting? Today, I compiled and summarized some information, and I will tell you the difference between them and their different uses.

Key differences between sandblasting and shotblasting

Abrasive materialSandMetal shot
Typical useLight-duty cleaning and surface preparationHeavy-duty cleaning and surface preparation
CostLess expensiveMore expensive
EffectivenessLess effectiveMore effective
Dust cloudYesNo
Noise hazardYesNo

Sand blasting machine

The sandblasting machine is powered by compressed air, which impacts the surface of the workpiece with sand (corundum, corundum, etc.) to change the mechanical properties of the outer surface of the workpiece. There are many types of sandblasting machines, but the ultimate goal is to improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion between it and the coating, prolong the durability of the coating film, and also benefit the leveling and decoration of the coating, to remove impurities, variegated colors, and oxide layers on the surface, and at the same time roughen the surface of the medium, eliminate the residual stress of the workpiece and improve the surface hardness of the substrate.

Shot Blasting Machine

The shot blasting machine uses an electric high-speed rotating impeller to throw small steel shots or small iron shots out and hit the surface of the part at high speed. So the oxide layer on the surface of the part can be removed. It is a method to clean the surface of parts. Shot blasting is often used to clean the surface of castings or strengthen the surface of parts. Generally, shot blasting is used for regular shapes, etc. Several blasting heads are up, down, left, and right together, with high efficiency and low pollution.

Difference between a sandblaster and a shot blaster:

  1. Both shot blasting and sandblasting are surface treatments.
  2. The main function of sandblasting is to remove rust and scale on the surface, such as parts after heat treatment. And shot blasting has more functions and functions. It not only removes rust and oxide skin on the surface, but also improves the surface roughness, removes machining burrs of parts, eliminates internal stress of parts, reduces deformation of parts after heat treatment, improves the wear resistance and pressure resistance of parts surface, etc.
  3. There are many processes for shot peening. Such as castings, forgings, surface treatment of parts after machining, surface treatment of parts after heat treatment, etc.
  4. Sandblasting is mainly manual operation, while shot blasting is mostly automated and semi-automated.
  5. The steel shot and iron shot used in shot blasting are not really shot. To be precise, it is a small steel wire or a small steel rod. It only looks like a ball after being used for a period of time. The so-called sandblasting sand is just river sand., which is no different from that used in construction. Except that the sand blasting sand has been screened, contains less mud, and has a particle size specification.
  6. Shot blaster uses generally spherical particles without edges and corners, such as steel wire cut shots, etc. Sandblasters use sand particles with edges and corners, such as brown corundum, white corundum, river sand, etc.
  7. Sandblasting machine uses compressed air as the power to spray sand or shot to the surface of the material to achieve cleaning and certain roughness. Shot blasting machine is a method of centrifugal force generated when the pellets are rotated at high speed, impacting the surface of the material to achieve removal and a certain roughness.

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