Aerial Work Platform for Sale Price in Saudi Arabia

Congratulations! Arshad from Saudi Arabia ordered from YG Machinery a 10 meters / 40ft elevated work platform. Check below the details of the aerial work platform for sale that Arshad bought.

Aerial Work Platform for Sale

Platform height: 10m

Load capacity: 320 Kg

man lift scissor lift

Choose your Automatic lift platform

Leg modelOrdinary Mechanical OutriggersOrdinary Mechanical Outriggers
Platform working size(mm)2270×11102270×1110
Platform Extended Dimensions900mm900mm
Platform height(m)9.75m10m
Load capacity(Kg)320320
Maximum number of workers22
Voltage220v/380V 50hz single phase220v/380V 50hz single phase
Lifting motor48V/4KW48V/4KW
Working height12m12m
Leg quantity4pcs4pcs
Machine running speed: fold/lift3/0.8Km/h3/0.8Km/h
Dimensions(fence fold)2440x1390x2480mm2440x1390x2480mm
Dimensions(Guardrail not folded)LxWxH2480x1390x2525mm2480x1390x2525mm

Benefits of Work Platform

Why the aerial work platform? Actually, because it has a wide range of industries for various tasks that require elevated access. 

  1. The mobile aerial platform provides a safe and efficient means for workers to perform tasks at heights.
  2. With aerial manlifts, workers can quickly and safely access elevated areas, improving efficiency and minimizing downtime.
  3. To suit different industries and applications, the easy lift aerial platforms come in various types and configurations. You can choose the suitable elevated work platform for sale according to your work areas.
  4. Electric work platforms provide workers with extended reach, enabling them to access areas that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach safely. 
  5. The hydraulic aerial work platform allows businesses to complete projects faster and take on more work.
elevated work platform for sale

How to choose the best aerial work platform for sale?

  • Intended use
  • Site conditions
  • Terrain requirements
  • Maintenance needs
  • Budget considerations

Above are the factors that you should consider when you are buying a aerial boom lift for sale. YG provides types of Aerial Work Platform available, such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, or vertical mast lifts, that meets your specific needs, enhances productivity, and ensures the safety of your workers. Contact us today for further information.

To reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries, you must follow the user guide of your hydraulic work platform.

Safety guideline when using aerial work platforms

  1. Do not move after it is raised. The four outriggers cannot be lifted unless they are tightened.
  2. Try to use outdoor lifts and lifts in places where the wind force is less than Level 5. Excessive wind force may cause safety hazards.
  3. When the lifting equipment is in use, the work surface should be kept horizontal.
  4. If oil leakage occurs in power elevated work platform, attention should be paid to avoid secondary damage caused by lack of hydraulic oil.
  5. During maintenance or when a malfunction occurs, the user must cut off power supply in time. After lifting, the user should firmly fix the outdoor boom lift before maintenance.
  6. The electrical system of outdoor lifts and outdoor lifts controls a safe voltage of 24v. Non-professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to open the electrical box to prevent electric shock.
  7. The hydraulic oil used should be kept clean and should not be mixed with water or other impurities. It should usually be replaced every six months.
  8. When working outdoors in harsh environments, operators should wear safety ropes.
  9. During the lifting and lowering of the machine, personnel are prohibited from climbing.
  10. Overloading is prohibited during use, and the items contained should be properly placed.

At the end

The aerial work plateform provides a secure and accessible elevated work area. So investing in the right work platform can be a valuable long-term solution that positively impacts both workers and businesses, making them an essential tool in modern-day work environments.

Are you in need of reliable aerial work platforms for your upcoming projects? Leave your messages here! We offer top-notch aerial work platforms that will meet your needs with excellence.