Concrete wall saw cutting machine price in Jordan

With their versatility, time-saving capabilities, and advanced features, concrete wall cutting machines contribute to the growth and development of the construction sector in Jordan. In this page, we show you the working case of a powerful concrete wall saw cutting machine.

Concrete wall cutting machine in Jordan

Project: Residential housing wall cutting

Solution: Using YG Hydraulic Concrete Wall Saw Cutting Machine for demolition

Using the concrete wall saw cutting machine, it has little impact on the original structure. There is less dust and little environmental impact. Besides, it is fast and efficient, and the noise time is short. You do not need to hoist the cutting block, and the construction period is short.

In a word, the contractor has praised of the performance of YG Hydraulic Concrete Wall Saw Machine.

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YG Hydraulic Concrete Wall Saw

Cutting of various hard materials such as concrete columns, beams, concrete walls, brick walls, rocks and floor slabs.

➡️Cutting depth: 73cm

➡️One = 3 electric wall saws

Hydraulic concrete wall saw cutting machine

This machine is composed of power station and saw head. It is suitable for cutting hard materials such as reinforced concrete, rocks, ceramics, and brick walls.

Hydraulic pump station parameters

Cooling methodair coolingwater coolingwind inch
Voltage380V 50HZ380V 460V 50HZ-60HZ380V50HZ
Pressure Level333
Maximum operating pressure200bar/20Mpa210bar/21Mpa200bar/20Mpa
Perfect service: 19 years of professional service experience, a large technical team, free installation and debugging, one-year warranty, and lifetime maintenance for free.

Features of Concrete Wall Cutting Machine

  1. High-Powered Motor: With robust motors, they provide the necessary power to cut through tough concrete materials effectively.
  2. Adjustable Cutting Depth: The cutting depth can be easily adjusted to meet specific project requirements, allowing precise control over the depth of the cut.
  3. Water Cooling System: It keeps the blade and motor cool during cutting to prevent overheating and ensure continuous operation.
  4. Ergonomic Design: User comfort and safety in mind, incorporating features such as anti-vibration handles and ergonomic controls for easy operation.
  5. Efficient cutting: diamond saw blade, thickened stainless steel sharp large cutterhead, fast seam opening, precise cutting. The core components adopt international advanced technology, which are small in size, light in weight and high in cutting efficiency.

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Our Factory

We have 19 years of cutting equipment production experience. Complete models, excellent quality. Outstanding R&D capabilities. We have obtained multiple national patents. ISO9001 international quality management system certification. National AAA integrity enterprise certification. SGS international testing certification.

YG Machinery provides also electric or high frequency wall saws machine for sale.

What is the wall core cutting machine price?

Concrete wall cutting machine is an efficient and precise cutting solution for construction industry. In Jordan, these machines are readily available, empowering contractors and builders to take on complex projects with confidence.

So if you need to buy a hydrualic or electric concrete wall cutting machine, pls leave your messages here!