Oxygen Plant for Sale

YuGong Machinery offers a small oxygen production plant at a competitive price. Low cost, and environmentally friendly. If you need this machine, you can read this article to learn more. Contact us to get an Oxygen Plant for sale: WhatsApp +86 13598866720.

How Does an Oxygen Plant Work?

The oxygen plant is mainly composed of two adsorption towers filled with sieve. Under normal temperature conditions, the compressed air is filtered, dewatered, and dried. And then enters the adsorption tower. The nitrogen in the air in the adsorption tower is adsorbed by molecular sieves to make Oxygen is enriched in the gas phase and stored in the oxygen buffer tank when it flows out from the outlet. The molecular sieve that has been adsorbed in another tower is quickly depressurized to resolve the adsorbed components. The two towers alternately cycle to obtain a purity of ≥90% oxygen.

oxygen plant for hospital
oxygen plant for hospital

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Features of YG Oxygen Plant

  1. Convenient installation, compact equipment structure, overall skid-mounted, small footprint, no infrastructure investment, and low investment.
  2. High-quality molecular sieve, with large adsorption capacity, high-pressure resistance, long service life, high purity and stable flow.
  3. Equipped with a fail-safe system, which provides users with fault system alarm and automatic start functions to ensure the safe operation of the system.
  4. It is more economical and more convenient than other oxygen supply methods.
  5. Continuous display of oxygen content, automatic alarm system for exceeding the limit
  6. Advanced filling technology ensures the service life of the equipment
  7. Free debugging and lifetime maintenance of equipment
  8. Use high-quality molecular sieve for oxygen generator, with good compressive strength and high purity
  9. The stainless steel valve dedicated to the oxygen generator is selected, the number of actions is 3 million times without failure, and the switching is convenient

Advantages of YG Oxygen Plant

  1. Using a microcomputer control system, a higher safety guarantee
  2. The valves and pipes of the oxygen production system are all treated with explosion-proof degreasing, which is safe and reliable
  3. Special muffler equipment, the noise is less than 40DB(A)
  4. Energy-saving, environmental protection, low energy consumption, and stable operation.
  5. The equipment adds a fault self-diagnosis system
  6. Molecular sieve filling technology reform, the life of a molecular sieve is as long as 8-10 years
  7. For the overall skid-mounted structure, easy to install.
  8. Strong technical force and excellent after-sales service

Application of YG PSA Oxygen Generator:

Large-scale factories, aquaculture, oxygen production, oxygenation, and dissolved oxygen are used with large-scale ozone machines to disinfect, sterilize, and remove algae in the breeding pond. Oxygen Plant for sale: WhatsApp +86 13598866720.


(1) Electric furnace steel-making: decarburization, oxygen-assisted combustion heating, foaming slag, metallurgical control, and subsequent heating.

(2) Wastewater treatment: oxygen-enriched aeration of activated sludge, aeration in pools, and ozone sterilization.

(3) Field cutting construction: oxygen enrichment for field steel pipe and steel plate cutting, mobile or small oxygen generators can meet the requirements.

(4) Sewage treatment and non-ferrous metal smelting: smelting steel, zinc, nickel, lead, etc. requires oxygen enrichment, and the PSA method is gradually replacing the cryogenic method.

(5) Glass melting: oxygen assists combustion and dissolution, cutting, increasing glass output, and extending furnace life.

(6) Pulp bleaching and papermaking: Chlorine bleaching is transformed into oxygen-rich bleaching, providing cheap oxygen.

(7) Ore processing: used in gold and other production processes to increase the extraction rate of precious metals.

(8) For fermentation: Replacing air to supply oxygen for aerobic fermentation, which can greatly improve efficiency

(9) Drinking water: Provide oxygen to the ozone generator for sterilization.

(10) Oxygen in petrochemical and chemical industries: Oxygen reactions in the petroleum and chemical processes use oxygen-rich instead of air for oxidation reactions, which can increase the reaction speed and the output of chemical products.

New Design – Containerized oxygen station

If you are interested in this Containerized oxygen station, please request a free quote.

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