What are the steel bar processing equipment in construction?

We will talk about the steel bar processing equipment in this aricle.

Rebar Straightening Machine

In order to facilitate transportation and storage, most of the steel bars that pass through the cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line are bundled for storage. To be practically applied to production, they need to be straightened and cut. Since the hardness and thickness of the steel bars of the same raw material are different, the steel bar straightening machines are divided into different types.

In building construction, several kinds of steel bars of different diameters are often required. Small diameter and low hardness steel bars are naturally not needed, and the machine configuration like straightening high hardness steel bars is not needed. Different buyers have different processing needs and use different straightening machines. The price of the machine also varies from millions to thousands of dollars.

Steel bar cutting machine

The steel bar cutter is used to cut relatively thick steel bars. The diameter of this kind of steel bars is more than 20mm. Although the steel bars cut are thick steel bars, the size of the machine is not large and the price is not high. Because now this kind of thick steel bars are processed into the appropriate size from the factory from the ironworks.

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine

The straightening machine can only straighten the steel bars, and cutting requires manual sizing and cutting. With the advancement of technology, there has been a steel bar straightening machine that can be integrated with steel bar straightening and cutting. This saves a lot of time in rebar machining. Most of the steel bar straightening machines that people refer to now refer to this kind of steel bar straightening machine.

Rebar Straightener And Cutter for sale
Rebar Straightener And Cutter machine for sale

Steel bar bending machine

As the quality of cold-rolled ribbed bars improves, they can also be used to produce stirrups. Except for extra-large projects, there are no more than 50 types of stirrups used in ordinary residential and residential construction. If producing a single shape of stirrups, the point of the machine is how to produce the maximum number of stirrups in the shortest time.
Like this type of CNC hoop bending machine, the price is about 100,000, which greatly saves manpower. The price of a large CNC hoop bending machine will be more expensive, but it can bend the hoop of the specific shape required by the designer. Such numerical control equipment will become mainstream.

Rebar Bending Machine
Rebar Bending Machine

Steel pipe tube bender

The steel bar bending machine can also be regarded as one of the machines that deform the steel bar. Its main function is to process steel bars with a diameter of more than 20mm and perform arc bending processing on them. The machine occupies a small area and the price is relatively cheap.

Steel wire mesh welding machine

The reinforced welded mesh equipment is improved from the equipment for processing highway fence nets. In the past, the laying of steel mesh was done manually. Not only was the construction speed slow, but workers’ personal safety also had hidden dangers, and accidents often occurred. The invention of the steel mesh welding machine has accelerated the construction progress and reduced the labor cost of engineering construction. Reinforcement mesh that previously took months to complete can now be completed in days with the help of machines.

wire mesh welder
wire mesh welder

That is the most common steel bar processing equipment used in construction. If you need any rebar machine, please contact us to get the machine’s price.

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