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Harvester is an integrated machine for harvesting crops, such as for harvesting wheat, rice, soybeans, rapeseed, grains, and corn grains. YG Agricultural Machinery provides types of combines. Each combines was designed for specific needs. If you want to buy a new Combine Harvester, or you want to upgrade your header to get more capacity, please contact us to get help. We will provide a better solution for you.

Combines Harvester

4YZ-4WA Self-propelled corn harvester

4YZ-4WA Self-propelled corn harvester

Engine power: 175/200 hp

Work productivity: 6-10 acres/hours

Working width: 2300mm

Peanut Picker Harvester

2500A Self-propelled Peanut Picker Harvester

Engine power: 160 hp

Work productivity: 6-10 acres/hours

Working width: 2500mm

grain combine harvester

4LZ-8B1 Self-propelled Grain Combine Harvester

Engine power: 175 hp

Work productivity: 12-18 acres/hours

Working width: 2680mm

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How to Choose the suitable model?

The first is to consider the scale of the land: if the plot is small and the operation object is scattered planting one by one, the purchase of small and medium-sized combine harvesters should be the main focus. If the land is contiguous and regionalized planting is implemented, large and medium-sized combine harvesters can be used. Usually, a hanging wheat combine harvester can be purchased for a land scale of about 35 hectares, a medium-sized self-propelled combine harvester can be used for a land scale of about 70 hectares, and a large self-propelled combine harvester can be used for a scale of more than 100 hectares.

The second is to consider the use of the purchased machine: if it is purchased for self-use, it only needs to refer to the local production conditions, and it can be equipped according to the workload. , According to the current production and management system and productivity development level in my country’s rural areas, it is generally better to use medium-sized self-propelled harvesters.

The third is to consider economic strength: if the income is high and the operation is mainly in relatively developed areas, the self-propelled large and medium-sized combine harvester should be the best choice, and if the income is low, the hanging combine harvester can be selected , and consider replacing it later.

Fourth, consider agronomic support: the selected model should be adapted to the local planting system. For example, the crawler-type combine harvester should not be used in areas where intercropping and intercropping are practiced.

The fifth is to consider the quality of service: combine harvesters are agricultural machinery with complex structures, and must be safe and reliable.

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YG Agricultural Machinery

YG Agricultural Machinery is a Combine Harvester Manufacturing Company. The company’s products cover seven series of peanut machines, corn machines, wheat machines, rice machines, soybean machines, grain machines, and rapeseed machines. Our harvesters are exported to India, Indonesia, Guinea, Nigeria, Malysia, Tajikistan, etc. If you are intetrested in the harvesters, please contact us to get a free quote now. WhatsApp/WeChat +8613598866720. 

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