Material lifting machine for construction

At construction sites, high-rise construction requires the installation of construction elevator as channels for transporting raw materials and access for personnel. In this article, we will talk all about the material lifting machine for contruction.

What is a construction elevator / lift?

Construction elevators, also called construction lift machine, outdoor elevators, and people-cargo elevators, are commonly used construction machinery for carrying people and goods in buildings. They are mainly used for the interior and exterior decoration of high-rise buildings, bridges, chimneys, and other construction projects.

Construction lift structure

Construction elevators are composed of five major parts: foundation, steel structure, driving device, safety device and electrical system.

It has a variety of configurations optional: frequency conversion system, monitoring device, roof protection device, wireless floor calling device, GPS positioning device, floor selection system, microcomputer wind speed device, etc. Users can choose according to their needs.

YG Material lifting machine for construction

Construction lifts are currently important vertical transportation lifting equipment in the construction of mid- and high-rise buildings. It is usually used in the middle and late stages of building construction and responsible for construction personnel and material transportation. It plays a vital role in reducing labor intensity and improving construction efficiency.


  • Since this machine adopts computer-aided design, compared with traditional construction lifts, it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, safety and reliability, strong applicability, and wide range of uses.
  • Regular cross-section, lifting capacity from 1000kg to 2000kg, running speed from 28m/min to 38m/min.
  • After adding VVVF speed regulation and PLC control, 0-68m/min stepless speed regulation and automatic layer selection and leveling can be achieved.
  • Meet different needs. It has better technical performance, safer and more reliable working mechanism, and more compact structure.
construction elevator working on site

How to use construction lifts safely?

High-rise construction has certain risks. There are high safety risks during the use of construction lift machines, which is a safety issue faced by construction companies. Safety protection work must be done before the lift is put into use. The building material lifting machines must be installed and used in accordance with regulations to avoid unnecessary accidents. So how should we usually check construction lifts?

  1. Before being put into use, it must undergo a drop test. Conduct a drop test every 3 months during use. The instructions should be followed. When the ladder cage falls beyond the braking distance of 1.2m during the test, the cause should be identified and the anti-fall device should be adjusted to ensure that the braking distance does not exceed 1.2m.
  2. Inspection of the transmission mechanism: When the cage is lowered with a full load, the braking distance shall not exceed 0.3m. And the thinnest part of the brake disc or brake block shall not be less than 5mm, otherwise it must be replaced.
  3. Inspection of the upper and lower limits: The upper limit should ensure that after the ladder cage triggers the limit, the upper safety distance left should not be less than 1.8m, and the lower limit should ensure that the ladder cage does not touch the bottom.
  4. Limit switch: The overtravel distance between the upper limit switch and the upper limit switch is greater than or equal to 0.15m.
  5. The inlet and outlet door limits, skylight door limits, wire rope breakage insurance, and door wrench lifting weight limiters must all be guaranteed to work properly.
  6. Check if the motors, displays, video monitors, sensors, calling machines, etc. in the operating room can all be used normally.

How to correctly install the protective door of a construction elevator?

  1. During the installation of the construction elevator protective door, transportation must be stopped and installed in a stationary state to ensure safety.
  2. It is recommended to use push-pull protective doors for construction elevator protective doors. The protective doors must have eye-catching warning slogans.
  3. The protective door is protected by a steel gate. The size of the door is generally 1.3m1.8m or 1.5m*1.8m.
  4. The door frame and the lift platform frame must be welded firmly using electric welding, and the length of the welded part should not be less than 14 cm.
  5. Two door bolt shaft holes need to be welded on the side of the protective door, usually using round tube small parts.
  6. During the process of welding the door shaft, the position of the door shaft should be laid out in advance. Welding can only be carried out after the inspection is correct. Relevant regulations should be strictly followed during the welding process to reduce accidents and ensure construction safety.

Construction Elevator Supplier

YG Machinery has been committed to the research and development of construction engineering machinery. After years of operation and continuous innovation, it has become increasingly mature and formed an overall pattern of R&D, design, production, foreign trade and domestic sales of a variety of high-altitude construction machinery products.

The main products include construction lifts (construction elevators), spider crane, window cleaning drones machines, super scaffolding, Hydraulic lifting equipment for sale, etc. The series of construction lifts produced by the company are driven by rack and pinion and are used for vertical transportation. Novel design, light structure, variable frequency speed regulation, comfortable control, high efficiency and energy saving.

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