Nail Making Machine

Fully Automatic Nail Making Machine

The fully automatic nail making machine adopts the plunger structure to ensure high speed, low noise, and less impact. The drive shaft is designed with rolling bearings, the load of the whole machine is small, and the operation is stable and reliable. Automatic refueling system, gears adopt arc design, high strength, and long life.


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wire nail making machine
wire nail making machine

Technical Parameters

Model YG-1C YG-2C YG-3C YG-4C YG-5C
Max. dia. of nail 1.6mm 2.8mm 3.5mm 4.5mm 5.5mm
Min. dia. of nail 0.9 mm 1.2 mm 1.8 mm 2.8 mm 3.8mm
Max. Length of nail 25mm 50mm 75mm 100mm 150mm
Min. length of nail 9mm 16mm 30mm 50 mm 80mm
Motor power 1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw 4kw 5.5kw
Nail making speed 450pcs/min 380pcs/min 320pcs/min 260pcs/min 220pcs/min
L*W*H 1.5*1.3*1.2m 1.7*1.3*1.4m 2.0*1.4*1.4m 2.2*1.6*1.65m 2.5*1.6*1.5m
Weight 0.8 ton 1.15 tons 1.5 tons 1.8 tons 2.1tons
Output 80kg/8h 500kg/8h 800kg/8h 1500kg/8h 2000kg/8h


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Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine Price

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