Wire straightening and cutting machine for sale in Sri Lanka

S. Ananth, Managing Director of Vista Steels, had an interest to purchase a wire straightening and cutting machine. He found YG Machinery via Google. After confirming Ananth’s requirements, our sales manager Eric recommended the model YGTQ-14.

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Wire straightening and cutting machine

Steel Bar Straightening And Cutting Machine for Sale

The rebar straightening and cutting machine is used for straightening and cutting steel bars with a diameter of less than 14 mm, and for rust removal. It is composed of a straightening cylinder, traction mechanism, cutting mechanism, steel fixed length frame, frame, and driving device. The speed is increased by the motor through the belt drive, so that the straightening cylinder rotates at a high speed, and the steel bars passing through the straightening cylinder are straightened.

Technical Informations

Applicable rebar  diameterRound rebar: 4-10mmRound rebar: 4-12mmRound rebar: 4-14mm
Screw rebar: 4-8mmScrew rebar: 4-10mmScrew rebar: 4-12mm
Motor power7.5kw9kw7.5kw
Traction motor//3kw
Cutting motor//4kw
Voltage380v 50hz / customize380v 50hz / customize380v 50hz / customize
Straightening rate45-50m/min55m/min55m/min
Min cutting length20-30cm30cm30cm

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How to choose the right steel wire straightening and cutting machine model?

Common steel bar straightening and cutting machines are 2-8, 4-14, 4-16, etc. Different steel bar straightening and cutting machines can process different ranges of steel bars. You can choose the suitable steel bar straightener and cutter according to your requirements.

  1. The 2-8 type steel bar straightening and cutting machine is a small steel bar straightening machine. The main processing steel bar diameter is Φ2-8mm, and it is mostly used in construction sites or hardware processing enterprises;
  2. The 4-14 type steel bar straightening and cutting machine is the most common steel bar straightening and cutting machine model. The diameter of the processed steel bar is Φ4-14mm, the steel processing range is wide, the price is affordable, and it is most favored by customers;
  3. The 4-16 steel bar straightening machine can adjust the maximum diameter of Φ16mm, which is more common in some large construction sites. This type of straightening machine is equipped with large power, a traction mechanism, fast straightening speed, and high efficiency. It belongs to a high-speed steel bar straightening and cutting machine.

YG Machinery

Henan Yugong Machinery is a professional manufacturer from China with the design, production, and sales of various steel bar equipment.

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