Wall Plaster Machine

YG Fully automatic wall plaster machine for sale. Easy to operate and high-quality plastering, it is the first choice to replace manual plastering.

The installation of an automatic inclinometer on the pole can easily correct the inclination angle of the pole, allowing the concrete cement wall plastering machine to achieve zero error in vertical up and down.

automatic wall plaster machine

Technical Parameters

ModelTP1000-5 Wall Rendering Machine
Efficiency500-700 m2/8h
Plastering wayVibration plastering
Vibrator2 vibrators
Plastering height≤4m
Plaster width80cm/100cm
Plastering thickness5-30mm
MovesAutomatic Walking
Lifting speed3.6 m/30s
Host Dimension1.05m*0.8m*0.8m
Console Dimension2.6m*0.3m*0.23m
Total Dimension0.9 cubic meter

Features and Advantages of wall plastering machine:

  1. Shorten the construction period project.
  2. A wall plastering machine can replace 10 craftsmen to work. No tripod is needed, saving the cost of building shelves.
  3. Special chute, special wire rope: stable operation, no wire drop, no wire break, no wire jam.
  4. Verticality, flatness, smaller than manual error: reduce the labor intensity of craftsmen and improve work efficiency.
  5. Separate operation of double motors: the lifting is stable at a uniform speed. The operation and the powder wall are completed independently. And the wall surface is smooth and clean.
  6. No ground ash: Save water and materials. Save about 20% of ash than manual work, and reduce construction costs by about 1%.
  7. Unique lifting clutch device: It reduces the annoyance of the wall plastering machine equipped with multiple sets of pillars, and can paint walls of any height.
wall plaster equipment

How does it work?

A hoist with a vertical gantry frame and a facing scraper frame is installed on the chassis. And a hopper is installed inside the two columns of the scraper frame. The hopper is attached to the two columns by the hoist and can slide up and down. On one side of the gantry frame, there is a discharge port on the vertical surface of one end of the hopper, and a scraper is installed on the lower part of the discharge port; in the hopper, there is a driving roller supported along its width direction. The motor is connected to the dial roller through the reducer. There is a feeding port at the other end of the hopper.

What is wall plaster equipment used for?

This machine is special equipment for plastering the vertical walls of residential buildings and office buildings, such as cement wall, brick-concrete wall, hollow wall, unburned brick wall, red brick wall, foam brick wall, etc.

Applicable ash includes white sand ash, cement ash, cement powder, dry mix mortar, dry mix mortar, stone powder, gypsum, white sand ash, foamed mortar, etc.

Why choose YG Machinery?

YG Automatic Wall Plastering Machine is widely used in the interior and exterior decoration of houses, saving time, labor, and materials, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving work efficiency.

In addition, we have reduced the width of the powder wall plaster machine to 1000mm. So that the powder wall machine can pass through the door easily, and the cleverly heightened gray baffle doubles the ash capacity of the powder wall spray machine. The rack design makes the vertical pole rise and fall synchronously, changing the previous wire rope design makes the machine more stable.

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