Drone Window Cleaning | Can a drone wash windows?

High-rise buildings are standard in a big city. The bright glass curtain wall looks beautiful under the sun, but how to maintain it is a worldwide problem. At present, the most common practice is to let special operators “spider-man” appear, but this is a high-risk job. Cleaning the windows has never been an easy task. Although there is protection, accidents will inevitably occur. Recently, a new technology piece has been used to wash the window – Window Cleaning Drone. It is to replace Spider-Man with a professional drone.


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Window Cleaning Drone For Sale

YG-22 Window Washing Drone is one of the best drones for cleaning windows. Cleaning Drone is a revolutionary piece of tech that can spray any liquid such as water, cleaning solution, deicing chemicals, and more. With the router setting support, this equipment can do the window washing operation fully autonomous with A-B Point operation. More safety and time-saving. It will also be a good business opportunity – to provide the drone cleaning service.

drone window cleaning
drone window cleaning

Window Washing Drone Technical Informations

Check below the parameters of the drone for clean the window of high buildings.

Item Specific parameters
Diagonal Wheelbase 1700mm
Size After folding: 870*870*750mm
After expansion: 2350*2350*750mm
Operation Power 44.4V~50.4V(12S~14S)
Weight 13KG
Battery weight 7KG
Loading 22KG
Max. Takeoff Weight 48KG
Flight Speed 1~ 10 m per second
Spray Width 3 – 6 m
Flight Control systems VK V7-AG
Dynamic System Hobbywing Xrotor Pro  X9
Spraying System Pressure Spray/Centrifugal spray/Smoke spraying
Spraying Flow Max. 5L/Min
Flight Time Empty Tank:18~25Min
Full Tank:10~15Min
Operational 650-2000 m²/Min
Power Battery ①12S  22000mah*1PCS
②14S 20000mah*1PCS
Charging Time 15-20 minutes
Daily efficiency(6 hours) 40-67 hectare


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The cleaning drone can not only be used for window washing but also can work as a high-efficiency fire-fighting drone, or pesticide spraying machine. The drone can detect the liquid and set the breakpoint record. With the camera recorder, the window cleaning drone can record the working image and has the functions of real-time transmission during the flight. When there is no liquid and a low battery, it will automatically return home.

drone window cleaning |drone window cleaner for sale
drone window cleaner for sale

Advantages of Drone for cleaning windows machine

  1. The high degree of automation reduces the demand for high-risk workers and greatly reduces casualties.
  2. Save labor costs, and improve work efficiency.
  3. Dual water pump mode.
  4. Easy to use: One Button take-off and landing, PC ground station, and full voice broadcast.
  5. Battery Detection: Low Battery return and Record point setting available.
  6. Adopts the heigh control radar.
  7. Vibration protection and Connection lost protective.
  8. Imitation flight function: It can follow the ups and downs of the mountain, and control the aircraft to follow up or down.
  9. Obstacle avoidance function: During the flight, it can detect surrounding obstacles and make a detour”


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Window Washing Drone for sale
Window Washing Drone for sale

Window Cleaning Drone Price

We are a professional and reliable company for supplying Glass Cleaning Drone. How much is a high-rise glass-cleaning drone? Please contact us to get the drone for a clean building glass price now.