Automatic sand blasting machine

What is an automatic sandblasting machine? How many types of automatic sand blaster machines? We will introduce you here to the automatic sand blasting machine for sale. Hope that it will help you.

Automatic Sand Blasting Machine For Sale

The automatic sandblasting machine is a kind of sandblasting machine. It uses compressed air as the power and metal abrasive as the medium. The Automatic Sandblasting Machine refers to automatic sandblasting, automatic entry and exit of workpieces, automatic swinging of spray guns, automatic abrasive sorting, automatic dust removal, etc.

automatic sandblasting machine for sale price
YG automatic sandblasting machine for sale price

Automatic blast cabinet sandblasting machine with conveyor belt parameters

Machine size3600*1800*2600mm
dust box size1300*1300*2500mm
work max size1200mm width, length is free
machine effectaccording to craft and material
spray gun quantity8-16 pieces
Power supply380V/50HZ,3 phase five wires
dust removal motor7.5KW
separation air volume10m3/min
compression air source2-7bar(kg/cm3)
air source flow8-16m3/min
Noisebelow 85db
dust emissionbelow 0.4mg
working environment temperature-10-40degree
Total power9.8KW
automated bead blasting machine | automatic sandblasting
automated bead blasting machine | automatic sandblasting

Features of automated sandblasting equipment

  1. Adopt suction sandblasting, that is, the compressed air flows at high speed in the spray gun to form a negative pressure to produce an ejection effect.
  2. The blasting angle can be adjusted 360 degrees according to the shape of the product, and the swing speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion.
  3. The conveying speed is adjustable according to the process requirements, and you can add mesh belts to small workpieces.
  4. With a filter dust removal system, dust-free environment-friendly sandblasting.
  5. The automatic sand blasting machine can be equipped with many spray guns, 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, 10 pcs, 12 pcs, etc.
double-sided dust-free automatic conveyor sandblasting machine
double-sided dust-free automatic conveyor sandblasting machine

Sandblasting Machine Application

Cleaning, deburring, descaling, rust-removing, wood panel treating, and refurbishing a lot of metal or non-metal workpieces to get a smooth and clean surface for end users, or to be the pretreatment for subsequent processing.

Automatic Sandblasting Machine Price

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Types of Automatic Sand blasting Equipment

There are 4 types of automatic sandblasting equipment.

Conveyor automatic sandblasting machine (Flat-type)

It is sandblasting production line. It is a high-output automatic sandblasting machine.

This type of automated sand blaster is generally suitable for the sandblasting of flat plates, discs, squares, profiles, and other heterosexual workpieces. Such as flat stainless steel plates, ordinary steel plates, glass steel plates, stone, non-stick pans, Baking pans, toasters, computer cases, functional DVD panels, notebooks, computer motherboards, decorative parts, brand badges, communication equipment, aluminum sheets, profiles, and other special-shaped parts, etc.

Turntable automatic sandblasting equipment

You may hear its other name, for example, rotary automatic sandblasting machine, intermittent automatic sandblasting machine, and continuous automatic sandblasting machine. It is also a high-capacity, high-efficiency automatic sandblasting machine.

The sandblasting turntable is equipped with 8 small turntables, which are further divided into 4 areas, the sandblasting loading and unloading area, the sandblasting area to be processed, the sandblasting processing area, and the blowing room.

Turntable automatic sandblasting machine is suitable for mass production of inner and outer surfaces of discs, cylinders, and square workpieces. Such as handicrafts, glass lampshades, non-stick pans, flashlights, baking pans, stainless steel wash basins, communication equipment and other workpieces.

Crawler-type automatic sandblasting machine (Drum-type)

It is a high-output, high-efficiency automatic sandblasting machine. But this sandblasting machine has a disadvantage. That is, the product cannot be used for fear of collision. Manually pour all the products that need to be sandblasted into the sandblasting room, close the door, and set the sandblasting time. After the sandblasting is completed, the machine stops automatically, and you can then take out the sandblasted products manually.

The crawler-type automatic sandblasting machine is suitable for small parts, large-scale production, and other workpieces.

Non-standard automatic sandblasting machine

This is a kind of non-standard customized sandblasting machine according to the user’s product, performance, output, and other requirements. We can customize the transmission method, sandblasting method, sorting method, dust removal method, recovery method, etc. of the sandblasting machine equipment according to different requirements.

Non-standard automated sandblasting equipment is suitable for all kinds of products.

Note: Due to the special type of automated bead blasting machine, it is difficult for many users to distinguish which kind of equipment is more suitable for them, and which kind of equipment is more cost-effective for them. As a sandblasting machine industry for more than 17 years, I suggest that customers can ask for professional manufacturers to avoid causing unnecessary loss.

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