Hydraulic Breaker For Excavator in Guyana

This hydraulic breaker for excavators is mainly used for quarrying, mining, demolition of asphalt pavement, greening construction, general concrete crushing, or rock crushing.

It is also named a hydraulic hammer. We provide low-noise type triangular crushers.

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How to choose a suitable hydraulic breaker?

ModelSuitable Excavator Model

The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure oil provided by the pump station of the excavator or loader, which can more effectively clean up the floating stones and the soil in the rock gaps during the excavation of the building foundation. The principle of choosing a hydraulic breaker is to choose the most suitable hydraulic breaker according to the excavator model and the working environment.

Working on site

Hydraulic Breaker For Excavator - working case

Hydraulic Hammer Types and Features

  1. Box-type hydraulic breaker: It can reduce the noise level in the working environment and can easily control the direction of the blow. What’s more, the fully enclosed box design protects the main body from damage.
  2. Triangular hydraulic breaker: It is easy to disassemble for maintenance. Moreover, it can be operated back and forth.
  3. Vertical hydraulic breaker: easy to control, long overall length, long breaking distance, low probability of broken drill rod.

Application range of hydraulic breaker for excavators

The application range of hydraulic breakers is very wide. Such as demolition, building demolition, original rock excavation, secondary rock crushing, trench excavation, foundation engineering, asphalt cutting, etc.

The high degree of matching between the breaker and the application scene is very important. In mining or quarrying, a larger hammer is required because of its powerful impact and slower speed to break rock or limestone into smaller pieces. In road demolition or tunneling, penetration and impact rate is key to increasing work efficiency.

Hydraulic breaker for excavator
Hydraulic breaker for excavator

FAQs-How to install the excavator breaker?

  1. First of all, we need to remove the pin bushing on the bucket and put it aside for later use.
  2. Use a grease gun to inject butter into the drill rod hole sleeve of the hydraulic breaker. Install the drill rod, and nail it into the latch.
  3. Put the front cover of the small arm of the excavator between the ear plates of the shell of the hydraulic breaker. Install the pin shaft pin sleeve. Manipulate the small arm of the excavator. Lift the breaker, put down the “cow bone” of the small arm, and install the other Part of the pin shaft pin sleeve.
  4. Use two high-pressure hoses to connect the hydraulic oil pipe on the forearm to the middle cylinder of the hydraulic breaker, and tighten the bolts. Then open the valve of the hydraulic oil pipe on the forearm to complete the installation. Start the test machine.
  5. Since most excavators have reserved oil port joints equipped with accessories when leaving the factory when installing the breaker, you only need to connect the pipelines, joints, and breaker together according to the requirements of the manual.

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