Fog Cannon Dust Suppression for crusher plant/coal handling plant in India

The coal handling plant experiences the challenges of the dust blowing out, no exception for the coal handling plant in India. To prevent dust from becoming airborne and spreading across the local community, they should install a Fog cannon system. The Fog cannon dust suppression machine can help you to reduce efficiently the dust in the air.

In this case, you can use the fog cannon manufactured by Yugong Machinery – a top manufacturer & supplier of machinery.

Fog Cannon Dust Suppression in India

When we received the detailed request from the client, we prepared all the documents(specifications, quote, delivery time, etc.) and sent them to our client. The client was very satisfied with it. And after a couple of days, they placed an order with 20 units.

Results: The mist cannon dust suppression reduced 56% fallout dust after 3 months. Both inside and outside, the fallout dust levels were measured.

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Technical Parameters

Horizontal Range20-30m30-40m
Horizontal Rotation350°350°
Pitch Angle-10°-60°-10°-60°
Consumption 10-20L/min (adjustable) 20-30L/min (adjustable)
Fog Size 40-200μm (adjustable) 40-200μm(adjustable)
Equipment typeAutomatic / normal / standard / automatic remote controlAutomatic / normal / standard / automatic remote control
Control MethodOptionalOptional
Pump Power3KW3KW
Fan Power3KW5KW
Suitable Ambient Temperature-10°C ~ +45°C with water tank-10°C ~ +45°C with water tank

YG100 Fog Cannon Dust Suppression

Yugong  Machinery can manufacture several models of fog cannon sprayer:

  1. Available with throw ranges from 30 to 500 metres
  2. Automatic rotation of up to 270°
  3. Adjustable elevation angle from 0° to 45°
  4. Water consumption: from 15 litres/min. up to 6000 litres/min.


Horizontal Range30m40m50m60m100m
Fog Size40-200μm40-200μm40-200μm40-200μm30-200μm
Fan Diameter500mm500mm700mm700mm1200mm
Fan Length1.25m1.5m2.1m2.1m2.55m
Fan Power3kw5.5kw15kw18.5kw55kw
Water Pump Power3kw3kw5.5kw5.5kw11kw

How to choose the right model?

The smaller Fog cannon unit: If you want to suppress dust at a defined point source, like discharging onto stockpiles, discharging into ships, reclaiming from stockpiles, dumping, crushing, and loading/unloading trucks.

The larger Mist cannon unit: If you want to suppress dust caused by high volume dust events, like blasting. And the long throw distance is usually necessary for this.

Fog Cannons are available for purchase

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