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Summary: Three sets of YG-202W233Y-SX10 Two-color PVC boots injection molding machine sold to Italy. Contact us if you have any needs for the injection molding machine.


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YG-202W233Y-SX10 Two-color PVC boots injection molding machine is the equipment used for making PVC rain boots for adults/children and PVC safety rain boots (low height). The customer from Italy is interested in this machine, so he left his inquiry on our website. Our sales manager Karl communicate with him to supply the machine. After serval days of communication, the customer finally confirmed the order.

YG Machinery has over 17 experiences of supplying and manufacturing plastic shoe-making injection machines with moulds. As a serious and reliable supplier, from the machine quality to our after-sales services, you do not need to worry.

Two-color PVC boots injection molding machine technical parameters

Model YG-202W233Y-SX10
Number of stations 10pcs
Production capacity 80~100Pairs/h
Max injection vol. Main Injector 1590cm3
Sub Injector 500cm3
Voltage 380V, 50Hz,3Phases
Motor Power 22Kw & 11Kw
Electrical heat 9Kw & 8Kw
Screw diameter 85/55 mm
Screw rotation speed 0-140 r/min
Rated injection pressure 65Mpa
Max injection stroke 250mm, 150mm
Mold closing force 300Tons& 60tons
Max mold frame dimension L680*W250*H500mm
Total power of the whole machine 50Kw
Outline dimensions of the whole machine 5100x4200x2600mm
Total weight of the whole machine 17000Kg
injection molding machine
injection molding machine

pvc injectione molder
pvc injectione molder | rotary rain boots injection machine

Rotary rain boots injection machine price

What is the rotary rain boots injection machine price? Please contact us with your requirements in detail, such as 8-10 stations or 12 stations, two-color or single color, etc. As soon as we receive your inquiry, our sales manager will contact you for services. We provide machines of good quality, the best service and competitive price. If you have any interest in our products, please feel free to contact us!


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Besides the rain boots PVC injection molding machine, we have also other Thermoforming equipment, such as an Aluminum foil lunch box making machine, Plastic washbasin injection molding machine, Plastic knife and fork injection molding machine, etc. Leave your messages with you requiremements in detail, and our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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