Steel cage winding machine for sale in the Philippines

Steel cage winding machine

On the morning of April 10th, Miss May, our sales manager, received a consultation call. Mr. Victor, a project manager from Manila, Philippines, wants to learn more about the Steel cage winding machine. They will have a project in Manila.

There are more than 1,000 piles with a diameter of 2 meters and a length of 9 meters to 12 meters. I’ve seen at other construction sites that they use the steel cage winding machine to make steel cages. I feel that the efficiency is very high. Now our project will start soon. But the efficiency of making cages manually is very slow. In addition, it is now hot in summer, and the work efficiency of workers is even slower. So, I am planning to purchase a cnc reinforced cage cage making machine.

Mr. Victor

Pile Cage Making Machine for Sale

Mr. Victor inquired in detail about the characteristics of the machine. And how much efficiency can be improved? How to use it? What is the price of the steel cage winding machine?

The reinforcement pile cage machine can increase the efficiency of rolling cages. If workers make steel cages manually, they can only make 2 cages a day. Our machine can make 12-meter cages in about 10 minutes, which greatly improves the efficiency of the project and saves labor costs. The steel cages produced are more standardized and meet the project standards. Mr. Victor asked about the requirements of the site. And we answered in detail the requirements for the use of a 12-meter steel cage machine.

The next day we received a call from Mr. Victor. He said that the conditions of the site met the requirements, and decided to order a 12-meter steel cage winding machine. He asked how many days the logistics could be delivered to his address. And if we will send the technician who helped install and debug. For details such as how to pay, after the communication, Mr. Victor immediately made payment and ordered one.

Steel cage winding machine | Delivery

Our company will arrange the warehouse to find logistics in the afternoon and deliver the goods to Mr. Victor as quickly as possible without delaying the progress of the project.

After 20 days of logistics and delivery, the goods were delivered to the construction site. Our technicians also arrived at the same time. The installation and commissioning were completed on the same day. Mr. Victor was very satisfied with the steel cage rolled out.

Many project managers have recognized the YG reinforced cage rolling machine in Manila and recommended it to many engineering friends.


Winding speed0-15.4m/min
Cot motor5.5KW
Cage LengthLength up to 30m(can be customized on demand)
Cage DiameterΦ600-Φ3000mm
Trolley Speed0-1.38m/min
Trolley motor4KW
Rebar for processingΦ6mm, Φ10mm, Φ12mm, Φ14mm
Whole machine quality4500kg
Main Machine Dimensions13*1.8*0.8m
Overall Dimensions Of Trolley15*1.3*1.5m

CNC Pile Cage Machine Price

If you are looking for a CNC pile cage making machine, please contact us to get the steel pile cage winding machine price here.