Water filling machine

Introduction: All details about the water filling machine. From water treatment to water filling. Read this guide, contact us to get the whole production line price.

The existence of life on earth requires water. It is an essential component of all biological processes. So, water is life. Everyone needs to drink water to sustain life. As a result, the bottled water business is profitable. Here comes a question, how to Start a Bottled Water Business?

Yes, you need to buy a water filling machine. Maybe you will ask, what is a water filling line? And How does it work? In this article, you will find all details about the water bottle filling machine.

water bottle filling machine
hot sale water bottle filling machine

water filling production line
water filling production line

Water Filling Machine for Sale: Parameters, Features, Process, Price

In fact, this water bottle filling machine is a type of liquid filling machine. It can be used for filling mineral water, pure water, milk, etc. The pure water filling machine has different types. Our mineral water filling machine has the advantages of high productivity (3000-36000 bottles/hour). In addition, YG Machinery can provide 3000-36000 bottles/hour pure water or mineral water filling production line, 3000-36000 bottles/hour granular beverage filling production line, carbonated beverage filling production line, rice wine/wine/liquor filling production line, etc.


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Technical Parameters of Water bottling machine


  • Name: Liquid Filling Machine
  • Measurement range: 10-5000ml
  • Filling accuracy: ±1%
  • Production capacity: 1500-2500 bottles/hour
  • Cap size: 15-100 mm
  • Bottle diameter: Φ 35-x 150 mm
  • The Bottle height: 50-320 mm
  • Source pressure/gas consumption: 0.5-0.7Mpa / 0.2m³/t

water bottle packing machine
water bottle packing machine


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Technical Parameters of Full Automatic Water Filling Line


Product name
Water bottle filling machine
Applicable Industries
Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms
Food, Beverage
Packaging Type
Cartons, Cans, Bottles, Barrel, Stand-up Pouch, Bags, Pouch, Capsule, case
Packaging Material
Plastic, Paper, Metal, Glass
Automatic Grade
Driven Type
220V 380V
Brand Name
YG/Yugong machinery
1.5 years
Key Selling Points
Filling Material
Beer, Milk, Water, Oil, Juice
Filling Accuracy
Marketing Type
Ordinary Product
Core Components
Motor, Pump, PLC
PLC+English Panel Control
Filling volume
25-250ML. 50-500ML.100-1000ML.250-2500ML
PLC+ Touch Screen
Filling speed
Bottle type
PET Plastic Bottle
Packing material
Wooden Package
Production capacity
Filling temperature
-4-88 degrees
Rated production capacity
8000 bottles/hour (500ml PET bottles)
Filling pressure
Container type
high-temperature resistant PET bottle (or BOPP bottle)


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Production process

First, you need to use the Water treatment line(water purification system) to purify water. There are three methods: Quartz sand to reduce water turbidity and purify water quality, activated carbon to adsorb organic pollutants in water, then precision filtration to purify water and reduce water hardness.

Second, the water bottling line starts working after the water treatment. The bottle blowing machine will blow the finished preform into a bottle through a certain process. The finished bottle will be washed and disinfected.

Then, the bottle filling machine will fill the bottle with the liquid and use the rotary method to cover the bottle. After filling, the dryer uses a high-pressure fan to blow away the remaining water droplets on the bottle.

Finally, the bottle labeling machine will add the label to the bottle. In the end, the bottle packing machine will package the bottle according to the customer’s requirements. You can choose a shrink wrapping machine or a carton packing machine. It depends on your demand.

water filling line
production process: water filling line for sale


Price of Water bottle packing machine

So, what is the cost of a water bottle packing machine? Actually, the price depends on the equipment features. YG Full automatic water filling lines are with high productivity. Remark: If your budget is limited, you can choose the small water filling production line to start your business.

So, how much is a water packing machine? Please leave your messages by clicking the button below.

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Besides the water bottle packing machine and water pouch packing machine, YG Machinery can provide other machines. Such as the Wet wipes making machine, Nitrile gloves machine, etc. YG Machinery is a top and professional machine manufacturer and supplier. If you want to get more details about the machine, do not hesitate to contact us.