Nitrile gloves machine | Nitrile Gloves Making Machine

Disposable gloves are made of a thin layer of latex. Immerse the ceramic mold in latex to produce the perfect shape. Nitrile rubber is a substitute for people who are allergic to latex. And the nitrile gloves machine is used for producing nitrile gloves. Read on to learn more about the nitrile gloves making machine for sale.

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gloves manufacturing machine price
gloves manufacturing machine price

nitrile gloves machine
nitrile gloves machine

Gloves Dipping machine | Nitrile gloves production line

Nitrile is a highly sensitive material with a thickness of only 0.1 mm. We use often Nitrile rubber gloves where hygiene is of paramount importance, so in terms of manufacturing, the focus is on ensuring clean, error-free production.

Nitrile gloves production line
Nitrile gloves production line

Suitable materials: PVC emulsion/Latex/Vinyl

Main products: PVC/Latex/Vinyl gloves for examination, surgery, disposable glove for household, and beading, straight (powder/powder-free).


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nitrile gloves application
nitrile gloves application

Features of the Automatic Nitrile Glove Making Machine

  1. The natural latex/nitrile gloves production line adopts continuous production and direct dipping methods. It can be used for producing medical surgical gloves, examination gloves, powder or powder-free coated gloves.
  2. The product qualification rate is over 98%;
  3. With the introduction of foreign advanced transmission main chain structure, the chain running resistance is small, and the production runs smoothly at high speed;
  4. Vertical hot air circulation is used in the drying oven, which saves energy consumption by nearly 20% compared with other forms of hot air circulation.
  5. Models with different lengths, heights, and costs can be designed according to customer needs.

Technical Parameters of nitrile glove manufacturing equipment

Model Machine Size


Speed (m/min) Capacity (pcs/hr) Heat Consumption (kcaVhr) Power (kW/hr) Mold (pcs) Chain


YG-SBA50 x 6 50m x 1.8m x6.5m x 6Layers 8.3 5,000 450,000 85 3,000 300
YG-SBA60 x 6 60m x 1.8m x6.5m x 6Layers 10 6,000 550,000 90 3,600 360
YG-SBA80 x 6 80m x 1.8m x6.5m x 6Layers 13.3 8,000 750,000 98 4,800 480
YG-SBA100x6 100m x 1.8m x 6.5m x 6Layers 15 10000 1,100,000 115 6,000 600
YG-SBA110x6 110m x 1.8m x6.5m x 6Layers 21.6 13,000 1,200,000 120 6,600 660
YG-SBB80 x 6 80m x 1.8m x 7.5m x 6Layersx2 13.3 16,000 1,400,000 110 9,600 480
YG-SBB100x6 100m x 1.8m x 7.5m x 6Layersx2 18 21,600 2,100,000 130 12,000 600
YG-SBB110x6 110m x 1.8m x 7.5m x 6Layersx2 20 23,000 2,200,000 135 13,200 660
YG-SBA60 x8 60m x 1.8m x 8.5m x 8Layers 10 7,200 730,000 95 4,800 480
YG-SBA80 x 8 80m x 1.8m x 8.5m x 8Layers 16.7 10,000 1,000,000 100 6,400 640
YG-SBA100x8 100m x 1.8m x 8.5m x8Layers 22 12,000 1,470,000 120 8,000 800
YG-SBA110x8 110m x 1.8m x 8.5m x 8Layers 24 14,400 1,600,000 125 8,800 880
YG-SBB80 x8 80m x 1.8m x 9.6m x 8Layersx2 16.6 20,000 1,900,000 120 12,800 640
YG-SBB100x8 100m x 1.8m x 9.6 m x8Layersx2 20 24,000 2,800,000 130 16,000 800
YG-SBB 110×8 110m x 1.8m x 9.6m x 8Layersx2 21.6 26,000 3,050,000 140 17,600 880
YG-SBB80xl0 80m x 1.8m x 12m xlOLayersx2 22 26,400 2,380,000 130 16,000 800
YG-SBBlOOxlO 100m x 1.8m x 12m xlOLayersx2 23.3 28,000 3,500,000 140 20,000 1000
YG-SBB110x10 110m x 1.8m x 12m xlOLayersx2 25 30,000 3,800,000 150 22,000 1100


nitrile gloves sample
nitrile gloves sample


Capacity is different according to the production of different products, such as surgical or exam gloves, powder, or powder-free gloves. Because the machine craft work needs to design accordingly.

Automatic Gloves Packaging Machine

Surgical Glove Out Wrap Packaging Machine is used for automatic boxing of PVC gloves, nitrile gloves, latex gloves, and other disposable gloves. The machine can be also used for various packaging materials such as plastic film, plastic, and paper compound film, plastic, and aluminum compound film.

Features of the automatic glove packaging machine

Here are the features of the automatic glove packaging machine:

  1. The standard is 100 pieces per box, and the quantity can be set according to requirements;
  2. It can be used in conjunction with the production line to save manpower and improve work efficiency;
  3. As long as the gloves coming out of the clean area enter the boxing process, the carton can be packaged directly on the packaging machine without being folded into a rectangular or square state. The packaging machine will automatically fold into a rectangular or square according to the specifications of the packaging process. Sealing, folding corners, side sealing, shaping, or spraying glue to complete one-time packaging finished products;
  4. The packaging speed, the packaging size, and the heat sealing temperature are adjustable;
  5. Use servo motor step-less speed regulation, man-machine interface, PLC control, fault diagnosis prompt;
  6. It adopts full cylinder drive, stable operation, accurate synchronization, convenient adjustment, and firm sealing;
  7. The body shell is made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets GMP requirements.

Technical parameters

Voltage(V/HZ ) 380/50(3PH )
Heat Seal Powe(W) 5000
Driving Power(W) 35000
Packing Speed(pcs/min ) 100
Temperature Range(C ) 0-300
Number of Printing 10
Air Pressure(Mpa) 0.6
Max Sizes of Packing Object(mm ) 520×280
Dimension(L*M*W ) ( mm ) 6619x1863x985
Net Weight(Kg ) 750


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Automatic Gloves Packaging Machine
Automatic Gloves Packaging Machine

Nitrile gloves manufacturing plant cost

If you want to buy machines for producing PVC and PVA gloves, latex and nitrile immersion, or surgical gloves and work gloves, belt packing machine, helmet injection machine, and high-heeled PVC shoes, please contact us to get professional assistance. We will guide you to buy the best and most suitable gloves making machine. For more information like the production capacity, price, technical specifications, and dimensions of the devices separately, please leave your messages here.


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