Thread rolling is a metal forging process. It forms threads into the mirror image of rolling dies. Thread rolling uses hardened steel dies to displace and mold ductile metals. The high-pressure process physically changes the properties of rolled metal parts to make the base part and the threads harder and stronger.

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How it works

Different from metal cutting, grinding, and chasing, the thread rolling cold rolling process can effectively improve the internal and surface quality of the workpiece. And thread rolling does not remove any metal from the workpiece. High efficient, advanced non-cutting processing, it is an ideal process for energy saving and low consumption.

thread rolling process using two dies
thread rolling process using two dies


Thread rolling and thread cutting play a valuable role in creating threaded parts. Some metals are suitable for rolling, some metals are suitable for cutting. How to choose an appropriate material for rolling?

  1. The material needs to have an elongation factor of 12% or more.
  2. With fatigue resistance and high wear resistance;
  3. With high compressive strength and toughness.
  4. Formability Index: The Softer metals are more appropriate for thread rolling.
thread rolling machine for steel bar
thread rolling machine for steel bar

Benefits of Thread Rolling vs. Thread Cutting

Thread rolling has a lot of benefits(especially when working with softer metals):

  • Better production quality.
  • Lower costs.
  • Faster production/shorter lead times.

Thread cutting offers also many benefits:

  • Handles materials with high tensile strength.
  • Works with leaden materials.
  • Compatible with larger material stock.

Thread Rolling Applications

The components can be used in factory applications, equipment, and commercial or residential settings. Some of the most popular applications for thread rolled parts include the following:

  1. Aerospace parts
  2. Fittings
  3. Oil & gas parts
  4. Medical parts
  5. Plumbing parts
  6. Fasteners
  7. Automotive parts
  8. Fluid connectors
  9. HVAC components

Thread rolling machine price

YG Machinery is a professional thread rolling machine manufacturer. Our machine can roll straight thread heads of ribbed steel bars in construction engineering.

  1. Economic, low investment for the equipment.
  2. High precision, high processing efficiency, stability, durability.
  3. Easy to operate with a compact structure.
  4. Adopts cold thread rolling technology. The strength of Rolled Thread is much higher than the parent metal.

For more information about our thread rolling machine, you can contact us at admin@ygcivilconstruction.com.

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