PPF Cutting Machine with Software: Design and Create Your Own Custom PPF Patterns

  • ppf plotter for cars and window tints

All-in-one PPF cutting machine

  • It can cut paint protection film (PPF) to fit the specific contours of a car.
  • Supports all car makes and models
  • CE / CC / FC Certificate
  • Its car data is up-to-date and global.

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PPF cutting machine with pre-cut templates for all car models

YG-9009 PPF cutting machine is a universal PPF cutting machine that supports all brands of car data. It has a comprehensive library of pre-cut templates for all car models, and its car data is up-to-date and global.

Technical Parameters

Motherboard32-bit dual control intelligent chip
Control panel3.2 inch color high-definition display screen
DriveDual silent drive system
Feed methodHigh precision imported integrated steel spindles
Origin positioningClearance system, any origin setting
Positioning methodArbitrary point positioning origin contour cutting
Maximum feed width1650mm
Maximum cutting width1550mm
Maximum cutting speed800mm/s
Maximum cutting lengthInfinite length
Maximum cutting thickness1mm
Adsorption fan power12V 0.38A 0.66A Silent Strong Wind Centrifugal Turbine Adsorption Fan
Adsorption capacity90 CFM-6level -13.8/square meter
Knife pressure0-500g (digital adjustment) Normal use knife pressure: 110g
Mechanical accuracy0.01mm
Repetitive accuracy0.01mm
Types of drawing pensVarious water-based, oil-based, atomic paint pens, poster pens with a diameter of 11.4mm
Drawing instructionDM-PL/HPGL automatic recognition
interfaceUSB2.0/USB drive/9-pin serial port
SourceAC110V /260V+10%,50Hz-60Hz
Power< 330W
Installation dimensions2000*1200*1300mm

Paint Protection Film Plotter Features

  • With a user-friendly interface and clear instructions, the machine is easy to use and operate.
  • Support various cutting materials: TPU invisible car clothing, color changing film, glossy film, etc.
  • Servo motion control system, low cutting noise, fast speed.
  • Supports multiple data transmission methods: USB / COM port / Ethernet port interface.
  • Up-to-date car data, with car data for all regions and markets.
  • Come with ppf plotter software, this allows you to design and create your own custom PPF patterns. This can be useful for creating unique or complex PPF installations.

What is ppf cutting machine price?

If you are considering offering PPF installation services, it is important to invest in a high-quality PPF cutting machine, like YG-9009 . This will help you to provide your customers with the best possible service and results.

Why choose YG?

YG-9009 can cut PPF with a high degree of accuracy. There will be no gaps or wrinkles. The machine will help you to save labor cost and time. It is able to cut PPF quickly and efficiently. Besides, if you have any questions or problems with the machine, we are always here to help. So choose the best PPF cutting machine for your needs and budget, you will never be disappointed.

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Car body wrap or Car color-changing film

People often say that when you buy a new car, you need to wear an invisible car wrap. So what is a car body wrap? What is the difference between it and a car color-changing film?

The difference between invisible car clothing and car color-changing film is:

  1. The functions are different: the invisible car cover is attached to the surface of the car paint through the polymer material TPU to protect the original paint and improve the brightness; the car color-changing film is a film for the entire car body, including the body and rearview mirror. To achieve the effect of changing the color of the car.
  2. Different material structures: invisible car clothing is a high-performance low-viscosity polyvinyl chloride film; color-changing film is a film with rich and diverse colors.
  3. Other differences: Invisible car clothing can enhance the protective effect of the original car paint without damaging the original car paint. The car color-changing film can be used in a rich range of colors without damaging the original car paint. Hundreds of colors can be used. The selected film perfectly covers and adheres to the car body to achieve the effect of changing the color of the car without leaving a trace.

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